School Holiday Madness

What a special moment it is when I pick the kids up from the school and nursery gates, knowing I have the time to get to know their little personalities much better and try and leave a lasting imprint on their minds that the holidays are special times and mum has five minutes to be a mumsy mum. The realistic side of me however is slightly daunted by the task at hand. OMG a whole week off entertaining the kids. What the heck am I going to do  with them! No doubt there will be lots of tears and tantrums along the way, but you know what I'd take those tears and tantrums any day of the week. So here it goes the start of yet another school holiday and a mighty challenge at hand. Don't get me wrong, I am not of the belief that kids must be entertained every minute of the day and it is most definitely good for them to figure out games for themselves from time to time. I do however love the delight on my kids faces when I take off my serious face and join in with a game.

Ideas for a fun filled School Holiday

1. Make a Treasure Hunt
All  you need is a few post it notes and a small prize for the end. This one is great for kids just starting to read. I did this on a rainy day this week and it worked a treat. The kids keep asking when I will do it again. In fact I have also thought about giving them their pocket money in this way. They can end the week with a treasure hunt to receive their earnings. If your feeling creative you can make it rhyme, such as ' Finding the first clue will be a treat, look for the next clue where you get something to eat'. This could be done in the form of a scavenger hunt for the smaller kids, where they have a list of things or pictures of items they have to find to get a prize.

2. Stop The Bus
If you haven't come across this game yet them you need it in your armoury. This one is for the older kids really but you can change the categories accordingly. You will need a pen and paper, draw a grid with nine empty squares in it and come up with 9 different categories of things, e.g. Boys name, Girls Name, animal etc. you then role the alphabet in your head until someone tells you to stop. (They even love that bit, getting to be the one to say stop, Very funny!). Say the letter you stop on is C then they need to find a word for each of the 9 categories, all beginning with the letter C. When they have them all, they shout stop the bus. You have to try this one, they will love it.

3. Find Tadpoles (This ones for the Easter Hols)
Catching tadpoles is great fun and educational for your kids. Tadpoles appear around April time. You need a net a bucket, a tank and some clean water, free from chlorine. Catch the tadpoles in the net and put them into a bucket of clean water to takes home. Don't get too much of the pond water in your clean water. When you get them home transfer them into a tank that the kids can see into. the tank needs to be well ventilated but also have a lid. The tanks should be kept in a cool dark place. You can feed you tadpoles with some boiled lettuce or spinach or you could just get some flakes from the p
et shop. Don't forget that they will eventually turn into frogs and will need to be released back to the wild so don't get too many.

4. Create your own little Nature Reserve
My kids love nature and being outside. This half term we made lots of homes for nature in our garden. we introduced a bird house, our tadpoles of course, we made a log pile house to attract all manner of creatures, cut out a small hole from under the fence to allow hedgehogs to get into the garden, went to the garden centre to get pollen rich flowers to plant to attract the bees, made a small rock pile and made our own water feature to attract more creatures to the garden. this was a whole day of fun and I'm sure it will entertain the kids no end.

Other ideas:  
Go visit a castle,
Bake a cake
Make your own Ice Cream
Make your own butterfly garden
Make Pizza
Make you own playdoh or salt dough
Go on a picnic
Have a movie night
Grow you own veg/ sunflower

Hours of fun !!

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