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School Holiday Madness

What a special moment it is when I pick the kids up from the school and nursery gates, knowing I have the time to get to know their little personalities much better and try and leave a lasting imprint on their minds that the holidays are special times and mum has five minutes to be a mumsy mum. The realistic side of me however is slightly daunted by the task at hand. OMG a whole week off entertaining the kids. What the heck am I going to do  with them! No doubt there will be lots of tears and tantrums along the way, but you know what I'd take those tears and tantrums any day of the week. So here it goes the start of yet another school holiday and a mighty challenge at hand. Don't get me wrong, I am not of the belief that kids must be entertained every minute of the day and it is most definitely good for them to figure out games for themselves from time to time. I do however love the delight on my kids faces when I take off my serious face and join in with a game.

Ideas for a f…

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